An army of sewers!


Our main channel

We have a main "original" facebook group with over 50,000 members. In addition there are about 100-120 other local facebook groups who are associated with us. The ones most active are listed at the bottom of this page.

We would encourage you to join one of these local groups if there is one near you. Or why not create your own if there isn’t one listed, we are welcoming new sewers every day! Join For The Love Of Scrubs - Original Group, you may find other sewers in your area just waiting to welcome you too!


For Face Coverings

For Face Coverings, because we believe we could get 1000s of requests, we have chosen to run this campaign on the HelpMyStreet platform.
As mentioned elsewhere on this site, they are a non-profit organisation, designed to make it safe and easy for neighbours to help each other.
If you would like to either request a face covering or volunteer to sew, go to



Below is a list of the currently active sewing groups associated with FTLOS. 

This list is not exhaustive but represents a good proportion of groups that either started out as FTLOS sub groups, or currently have one or more members in the For The Love of Scrubs - Original Group.

If unsure of what to search, join us on Facebook for more help finding your local group or nearest team.


  • Angelsey's Random Acts of Kindness 

  • Arun Scrub Hub

  • Ascot Hub

  • Barnsely and South Yorkshire FTLOS

  • Baymade Scrubs

  • Berkshire FTLOS

  • Billinghurst Scrubbers 

  • Birmingham FtlOS

  • Boston Linc FTLOS

  • Caerphilly Scrubbers

  • Cardiff and Vale Sewing Sewing Community Covid 19 Support Group

  • Carmarthenshire

  • Caterham

  • Cheltenham And Gloucester

  • Chester and Wirrall

  • Cornwall Scrubs

  • Crafting for Carers 

  • Crafty Critters and Busy Bees 

  • Croydon FTLOS

  • Derbyshire Scrubs

  • Devon Community Scrubs

  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw FTLOS

  • Dorchester and Weymouth FTLOS

  • Dudley FTLOS

  • East Dorset FTLOS

  • Epping FTLOS

  • Fairlop Lions NHS Sewers

  • Felsted FTLOS

  • Frensham FTLOS

  • FTLOS Barnsley

  • FTLOS Basingstoke Andover Winchester

  • FTLOS BHR & East London Scrub Hub, Fairlop Lions NHS Sewers

  • FTLOS Birmingham

  • FTLOS Brentwood

  • FTLOS Louth

  • FTLOS Sub Group for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust

  • FTLOS Southwest London

  • Garswood Scrub Hub

  • Hammersmith Hospital FTLOS

  • Hampton FTLOS

  • Harrogate Scrubbers

  • Herne Bay and Whitstable and Canterbury Scrubbers

  • Hillingdon Scrubbers

  • Horncastle and District FTLOS


  • Inspired by Hope

  • Ironville and Swanwick Team

  • Lichfield Community Scrubbers FTLOS

  • Lichfield Scrubbers

  • The Little House, Lincoln

  • Lingfield Scrubs Team

  • Liphook FTLOS

  • Liverpool

  • Longsands and St Neots FTLOS

  • Marlborough and Swindon Scrubbers

  • Morecambe Bay Scrubs

  • Nazeing and Epping FTlOS

  • NHS Scotland FTLOS

  • NHS Scrubs WD3

  • Norflok Scrubs Volunteers

  • Norfolk FTLOS

  • North and East London Sewers

  • North Wales

  • North West Sew for the NHS

  • North Yorkshire FTLOS

  • Northeast England Sewing for the Frontline

  • NorthWarwickshire Community Hub

  • Mid Essex Sew4Community

  • Notts FTLOS / Tiger Community Enterprise

  • Oakley Stitchers

  • Oxfordshire Crafters

  • Oxleas

  • Papworth and Ely

  • Pembrokeshire FTLOS

  • Rodings Dream Team 

  • Scarborough Scrubs Makers - FTLOS

  • Scrubs For Cambridshire

  • Scrubs for Epsom

  • Scrubs for LOSH

  • Scrubs For NHS and Carers Trowbridge and BOA

  • Scrubs for Staffs (was Scrubs for Stoke) 

  • Scrubs for Surrey and Sussex

  • Scrubs Glorious Scrubs

  • Scrubs Ninjas Norwood

  • Scrubs Up Northants

  • Send Scrub Hub Horsell Scrubbers

  • Sew 4 Good Greenwich

  • Sew Sussex

  • Sew4Community South Essex FTLOS

  • Sewing Cranleigh and Dorking

  • Sewing for Charity (London)

  • Sewing for the Frontline Worcs, Beds, Bucks

  • Sewing for the NHS Shropshire

  • Shepshed Sewing For NHS

  • Shropshire FTLOS

  • Sleaford Scrubbers

  • South East Sew For Community

  • South Essex Sew4 Community FTLOS

  • South London FTLOS

  • South Wales FTLOS

  • Southports FTLOS

  • Spalding FTLOS

  • Spalding FTLOS

  • Stamford, Rutland and Lincs

  • Stockport FTLOS

  • Surrey and Hants

  • Swansea Bay UHB FTLOS

  • Swindon and Marlborogh FTLOS 

  • Swindon Scrubbers

  • Syston Charity Crafting


  • Tamworth Sewing Volunteers 

  • Team Scrubbers 

  • The North Devon FTLOS

  • The Redbourn Sewing Circle

  • Towcester Scrubs Up

  • Tunbridge Wells Inner Wheel Scrubs

  • Warrington

  • Warwickshire Sewers

  • Warwickshire Sewing Bees

  • Wealden FTLOS

  • Wirral and Chester FTLOS

  • Woodham Scrub Hub and Horsell Scrubbers

  • Worcester FTLOS

  • Worcestershire

  • Yaxley and Holme Scrubbers

  • Yorkshire Scrubs FTLOS